Cutting Stick Zine

What Are Cutting Sticks?

For those who've been looking to shop for a stack of paper cutter then you have probably come across the name "cutting sticks" A cutting stick is a long rectangle shaped piece of plastic that comes in different lengths depending on the size of paper cutter. Cutting is a vital part of the stack cutter but what exactly are they and what is their function?


A cutting stick has four sides. They are normally placed in a groove on the bottom part of the cutter, where the cutting blade of the paper cutter will rest after cutting. Well, these sticks are usually made from plastics which are durable and made to last for a long time as they can serve up to several thousand cuts before being replaced and rotated.


The cutting plays such an essential role and also helps in emitting freshly cut papers. Since the cutting blade rests on the cutting sticks, the cut turns out perfect. The cutting sticks also allow the blade to cut through every paper well up till the last sheet of paper and ensures that the cuts are complete. Without the cutting sticks then it is impossible to finish the cuts completely.


Essentially, cutting sticks are designed to assist prolonging the life of the paper cutter blade and even helps in keeping it functional over the years. The cutting sticks are made in a way that they can handle the blade's force and still maintain its operational functions. Without the cutting sticks then the blades would easily get blunt and decrease its productivity. Watch to understand more about cutting sticks.


You need to know the signs that show a cutting stick is worn out and needs replacement or rotation, while cutting the papers and you notice that the bottom sheets are not cut, or the whole cutting process is not complete then you need to be alarmed as this is the main sign that your cutting sticks are no longer functional. However, you also need to understand that before replacing the cutting sticks you can rotate them for about eight rounds. Each side can be used up to two times, but you will have to overturn the sticks a full 180 degrees in order to use the same side again. Since the stick has a rectangular shape, then you can turn it four times.


Eventually, after all the cutting sticks from have been completely worn out, you will have to replace them. The good thing is that cutting sticks do not cost much and are easily available they are also sold in bulk measures. If you need to find more information about cutting sticks and their importance, then you can research your different sources or even ask around the stores.